About me

My name is Robert Dyjas. I'm Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 specialist who also likes to learn $newThings in the meantime.

Current values of $newThings for me is [JavaScript, Web Development, CSS]. It might be subject to change frequently.

Since the beginning of my career I'm working with Microsoft products. I'm mainly focused on communication tools: Teams, Skype for Business and Exchange.


I've been participating in various non-commercial projects in the past.

Microsoft 365 administration for Okręg Małopolski ZHR

I've been helping to implement new solutions based on Microsoft 365 for Polish non-profit organization.

Elekid bot

Discord bot written in Node.js.

Features include:

  • Responding to user commands
  • Setting nicknames on the server
  • Pulling social media entries and sending to predefined channels
  • Getting RSS entries from predefined URLs and sharing to predefined channels
  • Data caching

GitHub repository

Technologies used: Node.js, Discord.JS, Twitter API, PM2, Giphy API, Circle CI


Web application to help moderating r/pokemontrades subreddit. I added new features (integration with Discord, new type of notifications, support for new games), fixed various bugs and added many small enhancements (#629, #627, #597, #637, #631, #628, #645) and added proper documentation.

FlairHQ was my first real application involving Node.js.

GitHub repository

Technologies used: Git, Node.js, Sails.JS, Reddit API, Discord.JS


On this blog I include some random hints/instructions about the issues I have resolved and decided to note so I don't have to search for the information once again. I'm glad if you find it somewhat useful!