CsTeamsAcsFederationConfiguration cmdlets

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Two new cmdlets appeared in Skype for Business Online PowerShell module. They are related with upcoming integration with Azure Communication Services.


There's no existing documentation for these cmdlets so we only can guess, what it's supposed to be doing. My guess is that it's for controlling integration with Azure Communication Services, currently in preview.

Azure Communication Services

Integration of Teams with ACS will allow us to join apps created with ACS to Teams meetings. You'll have options to join IM-only or with calling functionalities (voice and video). It might provide a way to integrate different communication platforms with Teams meetings.

Default settings

PS> Get-CsTeamsAcsFederationConfiguration

Identity             : Global
AllowedAcsResources  : {}
BlockedAcsResources  : {}
EnableAcsUsers       : True
AllowAllAcsResources : True

Available parameters

Parameters available for Set-CsTeamsAcsFederationConfiguration are as follows. The name is followed by accepted data type and my guess of its meaning:

  • Identity <XdsIdentity> - I suppose the description of this will be: The only valid input is Global - the tenant wide configuration similarly to other Set-*Configuration cmdlets
  • AllowedAcsResources <PSListModifier[string]> - if specified, it'll provide list of allowed apps for ACS integration
  • AllowAllAcsResources <bool> - By default set to True, which means all the resources will be allowed
  • BlockedAcsResources <PSListModifier[string]> if specified, it'll provide list of blocked apps for ACS integration
  • EnableAcsUsers <bool> - any ideas for that one? 🤔
  • Tenant <guid> - most likely Internal Microsoft use only

Usage of PSListModifier type means that to add/remove values from the list we'll have to use the following syntax:

# Add to the list of allowed resources
-AllowedAcsResources @{Add="ResourceA","ResourceB","ResourceC"}
# Remove from the list of allowed resources
-AllowedAcsResources @{Remove="ResourceD"}
# And so on

Other optional parameters:

  • Force
  • WhatIf
  • Confirm
  • <CommonParameters>