CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy cmdlets

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New set of cmdlets has appeared in Skype for Business Online/Teams PowerShell. Cmdlets are Get/Set/New-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy.

These three cmdlets are related with upcoming rollout of Microsoft Teams Public Preview.

There are three new cmdlets:

  • Get-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy
  • Set-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy
  • New-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy

Default settings

Identity            : Global
Description         :
AllowManagedUpdates : False
AllowPreview        : False
UpdateDayOfWeek     : 1
UpdateTime          : 18:00
UpdateTimeOfDay     : 24/11/2020 18:00:00

Available parameters

AllowManagedUpdates and AllowPreview accepts boolean values.

UpdateDayOfWeek accepts numbers from 0 to 6.

UpdateTime must be a valid HH:MM format string with leading 0. For instance 08:30.

UpdateTimeOfDay accepts datetime object (but you can supply string and it'll be converted, if possible).

It's currently unclear what the last parameter does, but whatever datetime you provide, it takes only the time (date is always set to today).