Teams PowerShell datamining - Feb 2021

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Microsoft silently adds many new cmdlets and parameters. Below you can find my first attempt to summarize what was added in last three months to Teams PowerShell module.

New cmdlets

Related with Azure Communication Service federation:

  • Get-CsTeamsAcsFederationConfiguration
  • Set-CsTeamsAcsFederationConfiguration

Check my blog post for details.

Next ones sound like something related to the ability to limit certain workloads (audio, video, screensharing etc.) for selected users:

  • Get-CsTeamsWorkLoadPolicy
  • Grant-CsTeamsWorkLoadPolicy
  • New-CsTeamsWorkLoadPolicy
  • Remove-CsTeamsWorkLoadPolicy
  • Set-CsTeamsWorkLoadPolicy

Custom policy packages cmdlets (currently in public preview):

  • New-CsCustomPolicyPackage
  • Remove-CsCustomPolicyPackage
  • Update-CsCustomPolicyPackage

Teams templates-related cmdlets:

  • New-CsTeamTemplate
  • Remove-CsTeamTemplate
  • Update-CsTeamTemplate

NOTE: Learn more about Teams templates by checking Get started with Teams templates in the admin center.

Cmdlets for package assignment policies (I honestly have no idea what vertical package is, do you?):

  • New-CsTeamsVerticalPackagePolicy
  • Remove-CsTeamsVerticalPackagePolicy
  • Set-CsTeamsVerticalPackagePolicy

Grant-CsGroupPolicyPackageAssignment will be for assigning package policy via group.

And these two not documented yet:

  • Move-CsInternalHelper - probably something around moving data from one user. I'd guess it's internal MS cmdlet.
  • Set-CsInternalOnlinePowerShellEndpoint - might be related to connection settings.

New params for cmdlets

In addition to cmdlets, we also have quite a few new params added for existing cmdlets. Let's break them down into categories.

Dial-in conferencing

Under Get-CsOnlineDialinConferencingTenantConfiguration there's one new param: ThirdPartyNumberStatus. Does it mean that Microsoft is going to give us third party ACP option back? As a reminder, here's End of life program announcement.


For Get-CsTeamsAppSetupPolicy we got AppPresetMeetingList. My guess - we'll be able to specify set of applications for meetings. Related with Teams Calls & Meetings API in Graph rollout.


For Get-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy we get the following params:

  • AllowScreenshotCollection
  • AllowEmailCollection
  • AllowLogCollection

It indicates some new option to gather feedback are coming. We can already see it in the Roadmap item 68880. Message Center got its own entry: MC233962.


Under Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy we got the following new params:

  • AllowMeetingRegistration
  • WhoCanRegister

The above are related to invite-only meetings, which were announced on Ignite. By the way, have you already checked Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News?

There are additional two params, which are currently not easy to guess what they do:

  • AllowTrackingInReport
  • AllowCarbonSummary

The latter might be related with Microsoft Sustainability Calculator which allows you to calculate your carbon footprint based on services you use.


For Get-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy we got:

AllowSmartCompose - it's a feature currently available for Outlook Web App, which gives us text prediction, suggesed replies and more.

AllowFluidCollaborate - it seems like Fluid framework is going to be implemented in Teams. It's currently in preview and I haven't played with that a lot, but you can check it yourself.

Compliance recording

We'll be able to disable audio notification about meeting being recorded (applies only to PSTN calls) by using: DisableComplianceRecordingAudioNotificationForCalls for Set-CsTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy.

Skype Broadcast and Live Events

New parameters related with eCDN providers for Skype for Business Broadcast and Live Events are available:

  • SdnProviderName
  • SdnLicenseId
  • SdnApiTemplateUrl
  • SdnApiToken

for both Get-CsBroadcastMeetingConfiguration and Get-CsTeamsMeetingBroadcastConfiguration

Additionally, Teams Live Events are getting SdnAzureSubscriptionId parameter.


Do you find that type of articles interested? If so, let me know by commenting below or via Twitter/LinkedIn (links at the bottom). If you have any guesses what the parameters/cmdlets might be for, let me know and I'll add them to the article (with proper credits, of course).